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Get Involved and change their lives

Your contribution, be it your time, your energy, your ideas or your money can and will directly impact the lives of children living and surviving on the streets of India. We are a small charity with little overhead and committed to ensure all funds go directly to where they are most desperately needed


Donations, big or small, go a long way in India and will go directly to where it is needed. To donate what you canplease click the donate button below.

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Sponsor a child

Your sponsorship can alter the course of a child’s life forever. It can transform their life from one of a cycle of poverty and despair to growth and opportunity.

Your sponsorship helps to provide daily nutrition and healthcare, as well as school fees, books, stationary and uniforms. You receive an update and picture of your child twice a year and provide them the opportunity to blossom, reach their potential and become a positive influence on their society.Click here to download the child sponsorship form.


Your energy, ideas and time are invaluable resources and can help us reach more vulnerable children. Experience Indian culture, interact with these little blossoms and gain an insight into their world. These children, previously so starved for love and care, relish every minute you spend with them, every smile you share with them. To spend time with them is a truly authentic and life changing experience. Click here for more information on The Buds to Blossoms Project 2013

Adopt a Project

Gather your friends or inveigle your boss and work colleagues and adopt a project. Our Indian Partners are always looking for funds!! Provide funding for a creche, fund a counselling room or adopt a child to sponsor together. Please contact us for further details.

Host an Event

We are always looking for ideas and open to any suggestions, thoughts, comments or insights. If you would like to host an event or become more involved in our charity please contact us and we will gladly assist and support you.

Take Part

Please fill out our Update Form and we will keep you up to date on all upcoming events that you can support.

Send your old and foreign coins and notes coins

Send your old coins and any foreign coins to our partner, mention our charity and we will receive a donation in euros to help fund our projects.

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